What is myWAPPS?

myWAPPS enables you to view real-time estimates of your factor level at any time, online or offline, based on your individual pharmacokinetic (PK) study. Your personalized PK information in WAPPS-Hemo is linked to myWAPPS by a healthcare professional at your hemophilia treatment centre, and your treatment regimen is set using the WAPPS-Hemo clinical calculator. myWAPPS also comes with an estimator function that allows you to see the forecast of your predicted factor levels.


  • View factor levels, including estimated future levels
  • Receive reminders when it is time for an infusion
  • Receive notifications when factor levels drop to the low zone

Step 1: Contact Your Doctor

Your doctor will:

  1. Ask you to draw a few blood sample after an infusion (PK)
  2. Obtain your personal profile on WAPPS-Hemo
  3. Use WAPPS-Hemo to personalize your treatment plan

You will need to provide your doctor:

  • The email you will use for myWAPPS


Setting up your myWAPPS user:

  1. After your doctor has activated your account you will receive an email with a link to complete registration
  2. Follow the link and create your password


  1. Download myWAPPS from the App Store or Google Play
  1. Login with your email and password
  2. Register your last infusion and read your current factor level: Now you are all set!


For myWAPPS to estimate your factor level, you need to record each infusion as they are performed. When your next infusion is due, myWAPPS will send you a reminder.

To record an infusion:

  1. Tap on the blue (+) button
  2. Select ‘Record Infusion’
  3. Check the dose, date, and time
  4. Click save and your estimated factor level will be displayed

You can also see your estimated future factor levels! Select the Estimator tab in the main menu, and use the scroll bar to see your predicted level at future points in time.


Disclaimer: myWAPPS is financially supported by an unrestricted grant from Bayer. Bayer has no input or control on the
development, operation or maintenance of myWAPPS and no access to any of the WAPPS/myWAPPS data, which continue
to be securely hosted at McMaster University.