New releases!

WAPPS ver 4.0 and myWAPPS ver 1.1

WAPPS ver 4.0 and myWAPPS ver 1.1 provide new exciting opportunities for the Hemophilia community. Here is a quick introduction to their potential.

What's New?

As easy as ever!

The power of WAPPS allows you to get an individual
pharmacokinetic (PK) profile using 2-3 data points taken during regular prophylaxis, without wash-out, and sampling the patient after one or more infusions. Any concentrate is accepted. Each individual profile is manually checked by an expert and returned within 24 hours. We have updated the website to show a completely redesigned interface for data entry and a new
reformatted report.

Exciting new functions:

Already active

Coming soon

myWAPPS enhancements
as suggested by early adopters

New demo mode

You can download myWAPPS on the Apple App Store or Google Play. Try it out in demo mode to get an understanding of the app before explaining it to your patients.

Empower communication with your patients

You can view a complete log of infusions recorded via myWAPPS on the Patient Data page in WAPPS. A powerful tool to view and measure adherence to treatment.

Give the App a try and send us your feedback.

Disclaimer: myWAPPS is financially supported by an unrestricted grant from Bayer. Bayer has no input or control on the
development, operation or maintenance of myWAPPS and no access to any of the WAPPS/myWAPPS data, which continue
to be securely hosted at McMaster University.